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With advances in technology, so too are there changes in practice. With that in mind, here’s some guidance for using online video for learning teaching and assessment. This is not about how to create a video or technical information about file types, but simply, where to save, upload or send videos that you’d like students, staff or external examiners to view.
To help you decide how to use or share video there are 3 broad usage categories: staff created video or screencasts/capture, broadcast or found online video, and student presentations for assessment.

Staff Created Video

These staff created videos typically fall into two types; screen capture of Lectures using Panopto and filmed scenes by staff. The former is managed by the Panopto lecture capture system and there is already online guidance in NOW > Technology Central for this. If you are using any screen capture software for demonstrations or using a video camera or smartphone to capture events, then using the My Media Files option in NOW is the recommended practice. Here you can upload audio and video via drag and drop, and by default have these available to students in that Learning Room.

Broadcast or Found Video

If you want students to view programmes or films that have been broadcast either in the UK or on a european satellite channel you have a couple of options: We recommend using BOB National/Learning-on-Screen for recent and archive UK broadcast video. You can either use the record function to “capture” a recent or soon to be aired programme, or search the archive for older broadcasts, these can then be linked to, or embedded in NOW. For Satellite broadcasts BOB National supports several foreign language channels, but for other sources we recommend using the web site of the original broadcaster and link to or embed the video from that source.

Student Presentation/Assessment or Externally Accessible Video

Student Presentations that have been recorded for marking and access by External Examiners access can be hosted by our external Vimeo video streaming site. Videos will be hidden and only accessible by a private link that can be sent via email. Please contact us if you wish to do this. My Media Files should not be used as it allows student access to these recordings. If you want videos to be publicly accessible, these too can be hosted by us on our Vimeo site. Please contact us to discuss.

Below you’ll find a handy table outlining these 3 broad usage categories and appropriate solutions.

Video Type Video Function Solution
Staff Created Short video resource for teaching MyMedia Files Recommended
Staff Created Long video resource for teaching MyMedia Files Recommended
Broadcast or Found External Original Content Original Hosting Source Recommended
Student Assessment Selected Student Assessment for External Examiners LTSU Vimeo Hosting Recommended


BOB National/Learning-on-Screen


David Jeckells
Learning Technologies Manager
Learning and Teaching Support Unit (LTSU)
School of Arts & Humanities – Nottingham Trent University