Forms is a quick tool which lets you ask simple questions, with responses showing in real-time and clear results.
It takes just moments to create questions, and you can share your survey with NTU staff and students, or make your form available to whoever you choose outside the University. You can also choose to make the survey anonymous.

See a survey in action

When the responses come in, you get a really clear and visual summary.
Forms results

There is also an option to download a spreadsheet of your responses, and to look at each response individually if you choose.

“I found Office forms very useful to determine suitable meeting times for a group of people. It was easy to make suggestions for others to accept or reject. It was useful to quickly ask others for their opinions and to provide feedback.” Christine Leahy – Arts & Humanities 

Forms can also be a really quick way to quiz your students to check their understanding, or to supplement course or module materials in NOW.

You can find Forms online from the ‘waffle’ in Office 365, only a click away from your emails.


Why not try out Forms now, or read about how to get started with Forms.

As always, you can contact us below for help using Forms, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, or offer support while you get started.

Rachel Bancroft
Learning and Teaching Support Unit Manager
School of Arts & Humanities – Nottingham Trent University MAE012 | 0115 84 83017