#LTSUReads: Spring Reading

Somehow we are now a third of the way through the year. While the weather may be in flux, Spring has definitely Sprung, and no matter which way we dress for the weather we’re still managing to get it wrong. This time our reading looks at the different uses of the TPACK model from the perspectives of two of our […]

TILT FOLG Symposium 2023 – as told by Twitter

#TILTFOLG23 Nottingham Trent University’s Trent Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT) held its annual symposium around flexible and online learning, and we were delighted to be able to attend and present. As always, there were too many sessions for us to catch all of them, but some of our takeaways are below.   In its third annual symposium, TILT very much […]

#LTSUReads: February reading

Last month we focused our reading around reflecting on the ChatGPT frenzy, and posted our collated Introduction to ChatGPT. We’ve continued to read along as people have tested, experimented, and started to think about ways to embed it in their practice. This month we’re sharing two perspectives we’ve read on ChatGPT, and – since accessibility is one of our priorities […]

#LTSUReads: An introduction to ChatGPT 

by Bethany Witham and Rachel Bancroft Given our fascination with digital pedagogies, online learning and teaching and the many ways education is evolving and changing, it is probably no surprise that the members of the LTSU are voracious consumers of journal articles, blog posts, and Toots and Tweets a-plenty on all things Learning Technology. As such, we’ve decided to start […]

Going beyond announcements: using news items to enrich students’ experience of a module

The news or announcements feed within an online learning environment can serve as a key strand in enhancing the dialogue between instructor and students throughout a module, increasing what we’ve explored in the past as a sense of “presence”. News posts can be used simply to remind students of upcoming events and assessments, though many of the colleagues we support […]

A large lake surrounded by mountains on a cloudy day. A shaft of light spotlights a part of the lake.

Digital Confidence: Spotlight

In our previous blog post Digital Confidence: Springboard and safety net we explained how we see the development of digital confidence in our colleagues as a key part of our role. We discussed how we act as a springboard and a safety net – providing the guidance and information that colleagues need to launch a new idea for teaching and […]

Flexible peer-learning activities: what, why, how

Lately as a team we’ve been thinking a lot about flexibility and collaboration, and how one supports the other. As it becomes clear that the pandemic has had a permanent impact on working practices globally (Office for National Statistics 2021), current students can expect a mix of on-site and remote, and synchronous and asynchronous work in their future careers. Working […]

Digitally transforming assessment with the SAMR model

by Joseph Kenney and Rosemary Pearce Our team recently attended a presentation on using the SAMR model for transforming assessment by our colleague Rachel Challen (Learning, Teaching and Staff Development Manager for the School of Arts and Humanities at NTU). We spoke to her afterwards to share some of her ideas on how we should be thinking about transforming assessment […]

A graffitied wall in Tel Aviv. Picked out from a background of streaked multicoloured paint, the word Together is in white.

Together We Can Do So Much: Building a collaborative glossary

by Joseph Kenney and Bethany Witham Finding the words – outlining the task  Extending student vocabulary  Building International students’ vocabulary with subject-specific terms is of huge importance, but it offers a challenge to language teachers. How can they do this effectively in the limited time that they have?   Our colleague Jane Vickers, from the Nottingham Institute of Language and Intercultural […]