Are you looking for online tools for student collaboration and engagement that can provide Wiki-style functionality and peer-to-peer support? Then using Microsoft OneNote could be for you.

It is a fantastic tool with a host of functionality, a shared storage space and collaborative working features. Being very intuitive, my students just ran with it and are using it in very creative ways.

Stella Bunnag from the Nottingham Language Centre is already using OneNote with her students.

What it is?

OneNote and OneNote for Classroom are part of the Office 365 suite of tools available to you and all your students.

  • OneNote is digital notebook you can use online, or as a desktop or smartphone app which allows for note taking, drawing and recording audio. You can also search and organise your notes and notebooks.
  • OneNote for Classroom is a tool that allows you to create student NoteBooks and collaboration pages that combine all the tools of OneNote, but with added collaboration and sharing for your students.

Why Use OneNote for Classroom?

If you’re looking for, or currently use online collaboration and peer-to-peer support pages or NOW online Discussions for student collaboration and monitoring student engagement. Or online pinboard apps for real-time editing and sharing, then OneNote for Classroom could be an alternative to consider – with the added benefit of University support.

You can see who has collaborated or contributed, and also send new content to students whenever you choose.

They could be really useful for real-time in-class collaboration, Personal Tutor group notes, catch-ups or even for a seminar group. Additionally, once students leave university they can export their Class Notebooks into their personal OneNote Notebooks. Office365 is also used widely across all kinds of businesses and professions, so experience your students have using these tools can benefit them for their future careers.

If you’d like to start using OneNote and OneNote for Classroom then get in touch with us at 0115 84 83017. You can also find some resources in Office Central if you want to read more.

David Jeckells

David Jeckells
Learning Technologies Manager
Learning and Teaching Support Unit (LTSU)
School of Arts & Humanities – Nottingham Trent University