You may have noticed that at the end of 2017, the LTSU’s external social media sites (twitter, facebook, linkedin and wordpress) have all changed names from ‘AAH-LTSU’ to ‘NTUHUM-LTSU’. This is due to a School wide initiative, led by Sarah Huxley.

Sarah Huxley recently joined NTU as the Profile and Reputation Marketing Assistant for the School of Arts and Humanities. Below, Sarah explains her role, the strategy behind re-branding and how we can all help Sarah share the fabulous things that happen in #NTUHUM.

Sarah Huxley

“Unifying the ‘brand’ is part of an overall strategy to raise awareness of what the School does. The main way to execute this is to establish social channels which are School-wide and public facing. I will be managing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and my main objective is to create an online community of current and prospective students, staff and alumni.

Having a clear brand will help prospective students identify who we are and will make us easily searchable. Using ‘ntuhum’ as both a handle (@ntuhum) and a hashtag (#ntuhum) will give us a unified presence online.

Eventually, we are aiming to have a ‘social wall’ on the Arts and Humanities section of the NTU website which will pull together everything that has been hashtagged #ntuhum and this will be available to employers, prospective students and alumni to showcase what we do in the School.

I’m keen for students to understand how interacting with us on social media can advance their career professionally, through exposure to industry and experience with ‘branding’ themselves as professionals and creatives. I look forward to working with the School further and growing our online presence!”

If you have any news, stories or interesting snippets to share, you can email Sarah at