LTSU remit diagram

The Learning and Teaching Support Unit (LTSU) framework was devised to show a menu of the services the team could offer to the School of Arts and Humanities.

The underpinning ideology of the LTSU framework is to enhance the learning and teaching experience, build digital resilience in staff and students and give AAH students the tools for future work or study in the digital age.

Whilst support is a key part of our offer, the other areas of collaboration, advice, research and innovation give a holistic focus and are used for mapping existing work streams, new projects and staff development.
Specific current projects, above and beyond the daily support, include:

Each project is also mapped to school priorities, institutional strategy and national standards. An example of this is shown below with the Go Places mapping grid:
ltsu map go places
The full offer document can be found here: LTSU Offer


Rachel Challen
Principal Lecturer (Learning, Teaching and Staff Development Manager)
Athena SWAN Champion
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