Language in Tandem is an initiative from the Global Lounge at Nottingham Trent University which pairs students with a native speaker of  a chosen language.

Below is a guest post by Beth Cross, a final year student in the School of Arts and Humanities who created a video about Tandem for a Modern Languages assessment.

“What better way to use your language than to be creative with it? This is exactly what I did when I took NTU’s ‘Real Life Work Project’ Module. As a modern foreign language student in Spanish and Linguistics, the module required us to meet a brief supplied by an employer. This could have been anything from a website translation, to a creative advert or a video!

I decided to use my creative side and create a promotional video for the Language in Tandem scheme.

This meant I would video pairs of students who are part of the scheme which allows students to improve their chosen language when paired with a native speaker, conversing in their different languages, and then translate them and put them into a fun meaningful video.

It was a great way of developing my academic, personal and professional skills and I would recommend any student considering taking the module or creating something different and fun to completely go for it! I loved the experience and am very grateful to everyone involved that made it happen! Here’s the link to the video! Enjoy!”

The online app Tandem operates a similar service with currently over 3 million users from different countries and regions. It even has opportunities to sign up as a tutor.

Note from the LTSU: Students signing up to any social media app should consider online safety and not share any personal details.

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