Do you or your students want to present, display or solve a problem with a visually creative solution? Then read on. Inspired by James Walker’s requirements for design tools to support his Creative CVs assessment criteria for 3rd year English students, we’ve found some simple and intuitive, free online apps, that will excel at the job. Below are our best use recommendations for some of these tools.

All of these can produce online visuals, some provide a huge catalogue of templates & layouts; some provide stock photos and allow you to upload your own images & video; some specialise in displaying charts and map data. Take a look at our overviews below, or view our table showing the options for each tool.


Best for NTU integration

Sway ( )
Part of the Office 365 family, so all staff & students have easy online access. A sophisticated tool for screen based presentation including video, with 1000’s of layouts, templates, stock photos & illustrations. You can publish to the web, share, embed or print too!

Best for Photos & Poster Printing

Canva ( )
For posters and intuitive graphic design, this tool provides thousands of templates and layouts as a starting point. Particularly good at Logos, and photo editing & filters. Easy to share, download & print.

Best for displaying tabular information

Venngage ( )
If presenting data and charts is your thing – then Venngage makes it easy. Multiple chart types can be created using Excel data (this is our Venngage table), though editing photos, and downloading & sharing can be limited.

Best for Infographics and Maps

Piktochart ( )
Infogram ( )
Both these tools excel at infographics, including interactive maps and charts which can use spreadsheet data. Piktochart provides more dynamic maps, whilst Infogram offers more sharing & embedding options.
We hope you find at least one of these that meets your requirements, but if you want help or just further information contact the AAH LTSU.SaveSave


David Jeckells
Learning Technologies Manager
Learning and Teaching Support Unit (LTSU)
School of Arts & Humanities – Nottingham Trent University MAE012 | 0115 84 83017