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Threshold Concept Videos in American Specialisms – an update

Outcomes This project successfully enabled academic staff to produce their own threshold concept videos for use by students on the final year English Module, American Specialisms. This module is split in to two halves – American Regionalism with Stephanie Palmer and American Nuclear Literature with Daniel Cordle. They each created a video to introduce  their section of the module – Introduction to Local […]

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A quick guide to producing video for Learning, Teaching or Assessment

Video can be very impactful as a learning and teaching resource and is also increasingly used as a form of assessment. However, you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to produce a good video. Below are some resources and guidelines to get you started. Shooting your video We recommend Vimeo’s Video 101: Shooting Basics as a beginners introduction to shooting […]

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Copyright – guidance for using other people’s work

Creative Commons licenses – have you ever wondered what they are, why they exist, or how to use them? If so, read on! Creative Commons licenses are a quick and easy way of licensing creative works for public use, that allow content creators to specify ways in which their works may be re-used by others – often for free, as […]

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Raising Student Understanding, with Threshold Concept Videos in American Specialisms – a Digital Partners Project

A Digital Partners Action Research Project Aims This project involves the production of a series of short (2-3 minute) threshold concept videos for the final year English Module, American Specialisms, over the course of the 2017/18 academic year. This module is split into two halves, each with multiple sections – American Regionalism with Stephanie Palmer and American Nuclear Literature Daniel Cordle.If […]

Can I use that image?

Do you ever find yourself wanting to use an image in your learning materials, but feel unsure about whether you can use it legally? It may be tempting to simply do a Google image search, find something you like, and use it. But this can run the risk of copyright infringement. When searching online for images to re-use, it is […]

Introducing SetMore online booking software

The LTSU are supporting the use of SetMore online booking software to enable students to book Office Hours with Staff in Arts and Humanities. Previously we have supported the use of, but we feel that SetMore is a better option because it is quicker and simpler to set up. We have produced a QuickStart Guide aimed at enabling staff to use […]